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As a firm, and in cooperation with our key partners, TLC is proficient in supervising, monitoring, and documenting the demolition and hazardous waste abatement, historical selective salvage as well as the demolition debris removal required after a significant damage event.



TLC's experience in FEMA Grant writing, Management & Administration was crucial to the recovery efforts of our clients.


Our dynamic team has comprehensive experience in various grant programs and can help navigate complex program requirements.


We are dedicated to maintaining compliance with FEMA, CDBG/DR & HUD requirements. We provide:

  • Funding Technical Assistance

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Plan and Project Tracking

  • Quarterly Reporting

  • GIS & Modeling

  • Emergency & Continuity of Operations Planning

  • Post-Disaster Technical Assistance

  • Preparation of FEMA Project Worksheets

  • Plan, Policy & Procedure Development

  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) Training

  • Risk & Capability Assessment

  • Special Populations Planning

  • Situational Awareness & Readiness

TLC also has the expertise to undertake grant management, data management, contract negotiation and management, cost/billing management, operations management, quality control management, logistics coordination, damage assessment training, and communication with local, state, or federal agencies to maximize any funding or reimbursement services. 

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