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Ike Debris Monitoring Services 

Houston, Texas 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, TLC provided approximately 500 site monitors and truck certifiers to assist the Beck Disaster Recovery (BDR) firm with clearing and removing storm-related debris for the City of Houston. Monitors observed and documented debris removal from all points of pickup and disposal. TLC was able to place 32 people on the ground within 24 hours of the storm and processed over 1,000 applications in a 10-day period. As a result, approximately 500 TLC staff were on the ground within 7 days of Hurricane Ike. TLC also provided monitors to assist surrounding areas, including but not limited to the City of Galveston, Brazoria County, and Harris County. TLC headquarters served as the initial staging and training facility and served as BDR’s resource (warehouse) facility for the City of Houston, Harris County, and surrounding cities affected by Ike. The BDR-TLC Team broke all records by providing the fastest ramp-up of operations and disposal of over 200,000 cubic yards of debris per day, by a single contractor, at the height of operations.

Contract Size $9,000,000

Contract Year: 2008

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