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Chimney Rock

City of Houston- Houston, Texas

TLC Engineering, Inc.  was selected to provide the Engineering Design Services that will result in construction of the feeder roads that run alongside Fort Bend Tollway between Main Street and Orem Street.  This project will be handled as a work order task and includes approximately 2,400 linear feet of two-lane roadway with associated drainage and utility modifications.  Additionally, two local streets will be extended (Altair and Abide, approx. 165 linear feet each) to provide additional outlets for the neighboring community. TLC Engineering, Inc. will be responsible for coordination with the COH, Harris County and Harris County Toll Road Authority to determine ROW limits and property ownership.  There will also be coordination with the utility companies that could have easements in the area.  Geotechnical study, topographic survey and ESA I study will be conducted during Phase I Design.


Design Scope for local roads will include the following:

· Review Drainage Area Maps to check drainage flow patterns, etc. – i.e. any potential for flow cross-over between neighborhoods via a street connection.  At Altair Way there are lower ponding spots on GIMS and overland flow paths thru the ROW.

· Determine how to handle horizontal paving transition from 20’ to 28’ width.

· Determine how to handle vertical paving transition from open-ditch to curb & gutter.  This would address the typical 2-3 foot vertical transition b/w elevated open-ditch to depressed curb & gutter (of course, it can vary +/- inches/feet as needed).

·  Check geotechnical reports and ensure roadway cross-section is built to COH standards for longer-term maintenance purposes. 

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