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Multi-Family Housing Inspection

Houston, Texas

TLC Engineering perform inspections of multi-family housing facilities for the Housing Authority for the City of Houston. The inspection services include scheduling inspections with property owners or managing agents of units, according to contact information provided by the Authority; developing and submitting an entrance letter to the owner, property manager, and Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD); and providing the scope of examination during the upcoming inspection review.


Additional services include providing reports to the Authority of each inspection conducted, within 7 business days of the inspection's completion, and in a form mandated by the Authority (either electronic or paper or both). TLC also schedules and conducts inspections and follow-up inspections, when needed, as well as maintains accurate and timely records of inspections scheduled, delayed (when the inspector could not access the unit), completed and passed, completed and failed, and re-inspections. In addition, TLC is responsible for submitting accurate and timely monthly reports to the Authority for all inspection activities.

Contract Size: $150,000

Contract Year: 2010 to Present

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