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Open Ditch Project - Phase 1

Houston, Texas

Contracted by the City of Houston (COH), TLC teamed with Parsons Water and Infrastructure and JNE Green Team to map storm water utility assets within the COH. The project focused on roadside ditches along approximately 1,800 miles of roads within the City that have been identified as having open ditches. Relevant roadways for collection on this project were selected by Public Works and Engineering (PWE). The open ditch network connects to the City’s existing GIS layers for the subsurface closed system.

The project approach involved using survey grade global positioning systems (GPS) and custom data entry forms to capture the geographic location and visible attributes of storm water assets. The final deliverable was a geospatial dataset in a format that could be imported into the COH GIS database. This provided PWE with a tool to improve storm water asset management, mapping, modeling, analysis, operations and maintenance, and construction. Further, the project provided the COH a conditions assessment of outfalls, resulting in an additional database that allows the COH to plan improvements and develop maintenance programming opportunities.

Contract Size: $2.4 million

Contract Year: 2013

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