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Texas Department of Transportation

Toll Road Project - Austin, Texas

TLC was on the team with Faneuil, Inc. (Prime) that was selected to provide maintenance operations for toll roads, as part of their contract associated with toll collections on State Highway (SH) 130 and SH1 45 North Loop 1 and SH 45 Southeast (SE) in Austin, Texas.


TLC was to be responsible for providing all maintenance for TxDOT’s mainline and ramp plazas, including all operations buildings, ramp buildings, roadside cabinets, tunnels, canopies, islands, lanes, booths and landscaping, customer service facilities, and toll roads, to include but not be limited to the parking lots. TLC was to establish and maintain pest control services, establish and maintain landscape maintenance services, and establish and maintain trash or waste disposal/removal. TLC was also required to provide preventative maintenance tasks, which included the responsibility for the maintenance of all electrical equipment, electrical fixtures, emergency generators, uninterrupted power systems, and HVAC equipment. This contract, scheduled to begin in 2012, was cancelled.

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