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Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Improvement for City of Houston, Texas (Phase II)

TLC provided Phase II services for the project, which included preparing structural designs and details for installing three bar screens, two new mechanical and one manual, in the existing influent channel to the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Headworks facility in Houston, Texas. TLC prepared the structural drawings showing support systems (as required) for screenings, wash/dewatering conveyors and collection systems, and prepared the structural design and details for constructing a bypass around the existing bar screens.

Additional Phase II Services included performing an evaluation of existing conditions in headwork’s influent channels and a visual inspection of the existing concrete structures. TLC prepared a memorandum which summarized the results of the concrete evaluation and developed a design for constructing a new corrosion- resistant lining for the influent channels that would restore potentially damaged concrete and protect the concrete from future corrosion.

TLC coordinated with a crane inspection/service firm for evaluating the condition of two existing overhead monorail/hoists inside the headwork’s facilities. TLC provided surveying services as required, tying existing plant elevations to the City's current data.


Contract Size: $150,000

Contract Year: 2008


Contract Size: $150,000

Contract Year: 2014

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