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Galveston Wastewater Treatment Plant

and Conroe San Jacinto River Authority

TLC provided construction inspection services for the prime contractor (CDM Smith) at the Galveston, Texas, WWTP. TLC provided construction inspection services at the San Jacinto River Authority Surface Water Facility (SWF) in Conroe, Texas (Phase I). Phase I of the project included the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and administration of a new Surface Water Purification Plant that treats raw surface water to meet or exceed drinking water standards. The project also included transmission lines. The plant delivers 30 MGD of treated water to cities and utilities within Montgomery County in the most cost-effective manner. The project is part of the San Jacinto River Authority Ground Water Reduction Plan. TLC’s inspector duties included preparation of daily reports, monitoring contractor and subcontractor activity, and assuring that construction installation conformed to plans, specifications, and local code regulations. TLC inspectors were charged with directing effective team communications and task execution to help facilitate project delivery.

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